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Tunde Oyeneyin Peloton Instructor, Weight Loss, Early life, Net Worth

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An American makeup artist turned Peloton instructor, Tunde Oyeneyin belongs to Nigerian descent but grew up in Katy, Texas. Her mission is to inspire and motivate peloton users to believe in the impossible. Tunde struggled with weight issues and self-confidence for years.

Once she found the way to healthy and fit life, she decided to empower other people to believe in themselves. Let’s find out how Tunde Oyeneyin defeated excessive body weight, her personal life, net worth, and all essential information about this passionate peloton instructor.


Tunde Oyeneyin Peloton Instructor

Tunde Oyeneyin Biography

  • Name Tunde Oyeneyin
  • Gender Female
  • Age 34 years
  • Nationality American
  • Height 5 feet 7 inches
  • Marital status Single
  • Profession Peloton Bike instructor
  • Education University of Houston
  • Social media Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

Tunde Oyeneyin And Weight loss

Will you believe the now fittest girl was the largest girl in her class? Yes, Tunde Oyeneyin mentioned in TODAY that she was bullied for her excessive body weight, and she was drowned in low confidence life.

She weighed almost 200 pounds when she was only 13. Her weight loss journey is very interesting. According to Tunde, her aunt’s wedding was planned in her 8th grade, and she badly needed to change her physique.

Tunde was the bridesmaid, and the dress selected for her didn’t come in her size. She gathered $48 and went to get a gym membership. After taking aerobics classes, she successfully reduced her weight. She says it was the worst but the most critical stage of her career.

This incredible peloton instructor has written a book named Speak, which will be released in May 2022.

Tunde Oyeneyin Early life

Tunde was born in 1986 and was raised in Katy, Texas. The exact place and date of her birth are unknown, but she belongs of Nigerian descent.

Tunde’s father passed away in 2012, and just after three years in 2015, her mother left this world. She graduated from Taylor High School in 2004 and became a certified personal instructor from NASM.

Tunde Oyeneyin Networth

Tunde is an American makeup artist and a peloton instructor. Although the monthly earning of Tunde is unknown but according to an online estimate, the networth of Tunde Oyeneyin is over $3 million.

Tunde also worked as a makeup artist in Los Angles for more than a decade before stepping into the fitness industry.

Tunde Oyeneyin Relationship

Most people ask about the relationship and dating status of Tunde. There are rumors about her dating with some random guys, but none of them is real.

Tunde Oyeneyin is single, and even if she is dating or in a relationship with someone, it is still top-secret.

Tunde Oyeneyin Social Media


  • @tune2tunde


  • Tundeoyeneyinpeloton


  • @tune2tunde

Tunde Oyeneyin Quotes


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is The Age of Tunde Oyeneyin?

Born in 1986, Tunde Oyeneyin is 36 years only peloton cycling instructor.

How Much Does a Peloton instructor Make?

The official salary of peloton instructors is not disclosed officially. However, it is believed that peloton pays an instructor about $500 to $750 per class.

Is Tunde Oyeneyin a Certified Trainer?

Yes, Tunde Oyeneyin is a certified trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

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