Monday October 2, 2023

Peloton Speakers Not Working? – (Complete Guide)

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Are you just finished setting up your new Peloton bike, ready to take your first class, and you realize Peloton speakers are not working? How irritating it is to go through such an annoying problem? Don’t worry because the issue may be due to various reasons, and you need to seek it out in order to get rid of the “Peloton Speakers not working” headache. Let’s try to find out the best possible ways to solve the peloton speaker’s issues and some valuable tips for troubleshooting the peloton bike.

Peloton Speakers Not Working? – The Reasons

Peloton bikes are equipped with high-quality speakers, and therefore before checking the speakers, it is wise to check for the following errors.

Check Your PC/Laptop, Monitor, And Connection.

  • First of all, you need to check that your monitor’s volume is not down or it is muted.
  • Check your PC/laptop settings.
  • Make sure your PC/laptop is not on mute mode, or its volume is down.
  • Also, check the setting of the sound output device in your operating system, and they are correctly set to the monitor.

Check Your Cable Connection

Check Your Cable Connection.

If you connected the peloton by HDMI cable, ensure that the connection is secured, re-plug it, or try another HDMI cable in direct connection.

If you are using a VGA cable, make sure the audio cable is properly connected to the AUDIO/HEADPHONE/LINE PUT port and plugged into the LINE/AUDIO IN of your monitor.

If the peloton speakers are still not working, it is better to try changing your PC/laptop or speakers for cross-checking.

Peloton Bike Bluetooth Synchronization Issues

There may be different reasons for the peloton speakers not working or their poor performance. One reason can be Bluetooth connection.

Here are some valuable tips to help in troubleshooting app freezes and Bluetooth synchronization. Most of the time, it’s your internet speed that can cause issues.

Check the internet speed by taping the bottom right of your screen. No, go to the about option and check all the display lists.

Click on the browser icon and select the URL replacing address by pressing the speed on me option. Click on the go and then click on the start test when the page is reloaded.

These steps will help to check the internet connection, and you can conveniently determine the compatibility.

It is advised to clear the cache and then restart the touch screen.

Factory Reset

Another effective method to solve many errors, including speakers, is by doing the factory reset. The following process will help to factor reset your peloton bike.

Hold the power button and then tap on the top volume button at the same time.

Remove the power button and use the volume bottom for further proceedings. Now click on the navigation button.

Select the yes option to delete all the data of the bike.

Now choose the swipe up option and reboot the complete peloton’s system.

It’s time to go for the reboot now option.

The peloton logo will appear on your touch screen, and you are good to go with factor reset.

If the peloton speakers are still not working or there is an issue, contact customer support for further help.

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