Monday October 2, 2023

Myxfitness Vs Peloton : Which Fitness Bike is Better?

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If you are looking to buy an indoor spin bike for your home, there are two popular bikes, the Peloton bike, and the Myxfitness home bike. Peloton is one of the trending bikes known for offering live workout classes combined with a fantastic customer experience.

Myxfitness is relevantly new on the market with some excellent indoor workout features for fitness lovers. Choosing the best indoor bike depends on your preferences. However, this Myxfitness vs. Peloton review will help you to make the right choice by comparing the similarities and differences of these bikes.

Myxfitness Bike

Myxfitness Bike

This smart indoor bike comes with science-backed concepts to help you stay fit at home. The combination of some handy features, including one on one coaching and on-demand and live classes, makes it an ideal choice for indoor workouts.

The best thing about Myxfitness is that it is a perfect fit for any experience. Whether you are a beginner looking to start your fitness journey or an experienced fitness freak, this smart bike has everything for you.

Another valuable feature of Myxfitness is that it has a complete home gym package such as weights to perform an all-around workout. Last but not least, the bike is affordable as compared to Peloton.

MYX Standard Bike Features

  • Touch screen tablet (21.5 inches)
  • Complete personalized fitness system
  • Accurate heart rate monitor
  • Stationary Star Trac bike (no mat)
  • New workouts added every week
  • Professional coaches on demand

MYX Plus Only

  • Large exercise mat
  • Weights, six pieces along with kettlebell for strength training
  • EVA foam roller

Peloton Bike

Peloton Bike

Without any doubt, the most famous smart home bike, the Peloton bike, comes with a fantastic indoor experience. Popular features include motivating instructors, on-demand classes, and unique loudspeakers.

Peloton is true fitness heaven for those who are looking to improve their fitness level and stay motivated. It is not meant for beginners. If you are looking to buy an intelligent bike with fantastic live classes with music, Peloton is a perfect match for your needs.

Peloton Bike Features

  • Built-in peloton app into the screen
  • 5” HD touch screen
  • 2 x 10 watt sound system
  • Monthly membership ($39 per month)
  • Dual water bottle holders
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Clip-in pedals (have to buy cycling shoes separately)
  • 5MP front camera
  • Professional instructors for live classes

Peloton Bike Plus Features

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 8 inches touch screen
  • Resistance knob with auto flow
  • 4 channel audio with 2 x 10-watt woofers and 2 x 3-watt tweeters
  • 8MMP front camera
  • USB charging port

Differences Between Myxfitness And Peloton Bike

Myxfitness Vs Peloton

  • Peloton offers the best speakers
  • Myxfitness member is lower
  • Peloton bike is expensive
  • Myx Plus bike is best for strength training
  • MYX offers better personalization such as 1 on 1 coaching
  • Peloton bike is delivered in 3-4 weeks whereas Myxfitness takes 2 weeks
  • Peloton music is in-sync with instructors
  • Myxfitness allows adjusting the music volume and live classes individually

Similarities Between Peloton And Myxfitness

  • Same screen size
  • Countless on-demand and live classes options
  • Both bikes need monthly membership for classes
Features MYX Fitness Peloton
Models MYX

MYX Plus


Peloton Bike+

Bike Weight 134 pounds Peloton= 135 pounds

Peloton Bike+= 140 pounds

Bike Size 54” x 21” Peloton bike= 59” x 23”
Peloton bike+= 59” x 22”
Weight capacity 6’8” (350 pounds) 6’4” (297 pounds)
Resistance type Friction Automatic magnetic resistance
Screen size 21.5” swiveling Touchscreen Peloton: 21.5” touch screen

Peloton bike+: 23.8”

App Myx fitness PEloton
Footprint 3’4” L x 1’7” W 4’ x 2’ W
Ride with sneakers Yes Need to buy to cage
Pedals SPD and Toe cages Look Delta
Shoes SPD shoes and Noncycling shoes Need Delta compatible shoes
Live classes Yes Yes
On-Demand classes Yes Yes
Heart Rate Monitoring Yes Yes
Monthly Membership Charges $29 per month $39 per month
Trainers and classes & training options Hundreds of classes with professional trainers; Myx membership offer access to an extensive workout library Countless classes with world-class trainers; Premium membership offers live and on-demand classes
Warranty 5 years on frame and 12 months on labor, parts, and accessories 5 years on frame and 12 months on labor, accessories, and parts
Seat Standard road bike saddle Sports series featuring ergonomic channel

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Myx Similar To Peloton Bike?

Though there are some differences between Peloton and myxfitness MYX, they offer the same great features as Peloton but at a much lower price point.

Can I Ride Myxfitness With Simple Shoes?

Yes, you can ride myxfitness with casual shoes. However, you have to buy special shoes for the peloton bike.

What is The Monthly Membership Fee For Peloton?

The monthly membership fee for Peloton is $39 per month, whereas you have to pay $29 per month to enjoy the premium features of Myxfitness.

Final Words

It’s pretty confusing to choose the best bike between myxfitness and Peloton as both are excellent indoor workout solutions for every fitness lover. Depending on your needs and budget, you can make the right decision. For instance, if you are low on budget and beginner, Myxfitness is made for you. On the other hand, Peloton is a perfect solution for cycling enthusiasts but at a high price.

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