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Kristin McGee Peloton Instructor Early Life, Age, Biography

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Kristin McGee is a popular yoga instructor who was a yoga and Pilates teacher at the gym at the beginning of her career. She wanted to become an actor and a dancer, but fate had other plans for her. When she was studying at the New York University Tisch School, she decided to learn yoga. However, she graduated with BFA but became a certified yoga instructor later on.

Kristin McGee Peloton Instructor

In the yoga video series, she also featured Lori Trespicio (from the Real World). Also, she starred in a video with Bethany Frankel. She believes that a short yoga session per day can bring more harmony and balance to your life. Let’s explore the life of this famous female peloton instructor.

Kristin McGee Biography

  • Full name Kristin McGee
  • Age 48 years
  • Birthplace and Home town Born in Idaho, United States
  • Birthday 31st August 1973
  • Weight 49 KGS
  • Birth Sign Virgo
  • Nationality American
  • Marital Status Timothy O’Shea (divorce filed)
  • Education New York University Tisch School of Arts
  • Children 3 sons
  • Previous Profession yoga instructor, Pilates instructor, Actor, ACE personal trainer, author
  • Current profession peloton instructor
  • Net worth $5 million
  • Social media Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram
  • Popular books it Stretch, Chair Yoga, Healthier You, Strength Your Way to A Happier
  • Website

Kristin McGee Early Life

She was born and raised in Idaho, United States. She loved acting and dancing in her childhood but ended up as a yoga instructor. Kristine was only four years on when she performed jazz, ballet and tap. Her parents were blessed with two boys and a girl.

Her dad loved singing and piano. She was inspired by her father and decided to become an actor but later ended up as a peloton yoga instructor.

Kristin McGee Family

Kristin is married to Timothy O’Shea, but she has filed a divorce against him. She has three sons William, Timothy and Robert. Currently, she is not dating anyone and focusing on her yoga career.

Kristin McGee As a Yoga Instructor

Kristin McGee As a Yoga Instructor

She discovered Pilates in the 90s when she studied at New York University. They used to incorporate yoga and Pilates during a warm-up session in the theatre. Her parents gifted her a gym membership when she graduated from NY University. This was the time when she was attracted to yoga and Pilates.

Kristine got accreditation in 1997 and soon became a yoga teacher at the same gym. During gym time, she was requested to attend Pilates classes as there were limited teachers at that time. She went to Kane school of core integration and got officially certified in Pilates.

She says although yoga and Pilates are similar in many ways, both are different disciplines.

Turning Point of Kristin McGee

When Kristin was in times square teaching yoga, she got a career boost one day. An MTV producer was a part of her classes, and she approached Kristin. Kristin was still struggling in her acting career. After a session with MTV producer, she was selected as choreographer, host, and star in the first MTV yoga video.

Her DVD was successful, and in the same year, she produced MTV power yoga and MTV Pilates which was filmed in Arizona. Just after one year, they did MTV Pilates mix. She believes MTV helped her a lot to make her career and work with renowned celebrities. Kristin worked with celebrities including Leann Rimes, Steve Martin, Tina Fey, Emilia Clarke, Savanah Guthrie, and Jenifer Lawrence.

Kristin McGee also appeared on the cover of the magazine of Pilates style three times and became a specialist on HSN for Pilates gym for seven years.

Kristin McGee As Peloton Instructor

After achieving such success at MTV, she received a contract with Peloton in 2018. Now she is one of the famous yoga instructors. She says physical training is comfortable, but online classes allow her to connect with trainers perfectly.

Kristin McGee Workout sessions at Peloton

Kristin is balancing her life as a yoga peloton instructor, author, entrepreneur, and mom. She has a daily schedule at Pelton, which involves yoga and pilates classes.

Kristin does 1-2 upper body strength training, two lower body strength workouts, 2-4 pilates routines ad four yoga sessions per week. She also includes cardio workouts to be on top of the game and make the best out of her classes. One of the best things about Kristin is that she sticks to her weekly routine to maintain her lifestyle. The average work session of Kristin takes between 20-45 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kristin McGee Married?

Kristine McGee is married to Timothy O’Shea, but they have filed a divorce which is still pending.

How Old is Kristin McGee?

Kristin McGee was born on 31st August 1973, and she is 48 years old.

What is The Net Worth of Kristin McGee?

Although the salary of Kristin McGee is not known, but her estimated net worth is $5 million.

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