Monday October 2, 2023

Does Peloton Have Rowing Classes? – [Helpful Guide]

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Peloton digital app is offering a wide range of running, cycling and yoga classes. However, most people ask, does peloton have rowing classes? The answer is no, the peloton is not offering rowing classes. The only classes that need cardio equipment available are cycling and tread.

However, some peloton classes such as Boot camp and tread Boot camp can be utilized with a rowing machine. Let’s try to find out how to integrate rowing together with peloton classes.

Peloton And Rower

The addition of peloton and rower would a good addition to their workout library. There are millions of peloton users looking for access to rowing classes.

Benefits of Rowing Classes on Peloton

Here are some reasons why peloton should have rowing classes.

  • Peloton provides a competitive digital platform with all essential features of digital workout classes.
  • One great benefit of the peloton leader board is its competition. It is ideal for interaction and staying motivated while competing with your fellow peloton members.
  • The peloton has the best community for motivation that keeps you active at home.
  • Rower is pretty challenging to learn and utilize properly. But managing rowing workouts with the peloton platform is convenient. Even if you are a beginner, there are professional instructors to help you.
  • The rower offers full-body workout options as compared to the bike and the treadmill. That’s why a rower is best for shedding calories and toning your muscles. The best thing about rowing is that it perfectly targets most body parts such as legs, abs, back, chest, and arms.
  • The peloton will surely have a wider range of exercises to provide to their users with the additional equipment workouts.

Peloton vs. Rower – Similarities And differences

As mentioned about, rowing is harder than bike. The prime difference between the rower and the peloton bike is that a rowing machine needs constant self-awareness and mindfulness about the technique and form.

Take a look at the differences and similarities between rowing and bike.


peloton bike needs delta cleats on peloton shoes for pedaling. Cleats help to place foot in the fixed position. It helps generate maximum output by engaging more muscles.

However, the rowing machine comes with a strap system. The feet need to be straight like the bike but as this platform is mobile, you have limited hip motion range to rotate your feet.


A rowing machine needs a maximum hip range of motion. To reach the handlebar, your hips must hinge to the point where your knees almost touch the chest. Remember, the back must be in flat position. A person with limited range of motion defaults to reach further for the handlebar which can lead to round his back and create a kink in the neck.


A peloton bike needs constant reflection and extension of your need in the straight line.

On the other hand, you need to drive your knees out with a rowing machine to promote torque and stability in the hips while keeping your feet straight.

Lumbar Spine

The lumber spine stays in one position constantly in the peloton bike unless a user is standing on and off the saddle.

When it comes to the rowing machines, your lumbar spine will change with each stroke.


Like a deadlift of the kettle swing, rowing is a hip hinge movement. In other words, you need to squeeze your butt at the end of the drive where knees are straight.

In the peloton, due to saddle position, it is tough to engage the glutes.


Your shoulder remains in the fixed position in the peloton.

In rowing, your shoulders are busy in performing a lot of work. Besides pulling the handlebar, your shoulders create external rotation and torque to generate maximum output and maintain a neutral spine position.

Peloton Or Rower – Which One is Best?

  • Rowing is better as it works on maximum muscle groups to burn more calories as compared to the peloton.
  • Peloton is best for beginners as it is easy to use and helps to develop workout habits without worrying about the form.

There are benefits and drawbacks of both. Take a look at the pros and cons of peloton and rowing to make the right choice.

Machine Pros Cons
  • Best for beginners
  • Easy to use
  • Don’t need constant focus on the technique
  • Doesn’t change position
  • Burns fewer calories
  • Works only legs
  • Need to connect bike setup
  • Uncomfortable bike seat
  • Full bodywork
  • Helps to burn maximum calories
  • Need some practice before using
  • Changes between starting and finishing position
  • Need proper focus on the form

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Peloton Better or Rowing?

Both peloton and rowing have their own benefits and drawbacks. Peloton is best for beginners as it is easy to use, whereas rowing needs some learning before using it.

Does Rowing Burn More Calories Than Peloton?

Yes, rowing burns maximum calories than peloton as rowing involves maximum muscle movement and helps to burn maximum calories.

Is Cycling or Rowing Better For Weight Loss?

Both rowing and cycling are useful for weight loss. However, rowing burns more calories as compared to cycling, as it hits more muscle groups. On the other hand, cycling doesn’t need any learning technique and can be performed for long sessions to achieve desired weight loss goals.


Peloton is not offering any row classes right now. Also, there is no information that peloton will add rowing in near future. However, if you can add peloton classes to your current rowing routine, it will help to transform existing training regime into more changing practice.

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