Monday October 2, 2023

Can You Rent a Peloton Bike? – [Effective & Helpful Guide]

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You can rent different workout equipment for a number of weeks. It helps to live a remote lifestyle and keep you healthy. However, most people ask the question, “Can you rent a peloton bike”? The simple answer is no, you cannot rent a peloton bike.

But, many companies have a rental program for studio spin bikes that comes with a tablet or phone holder. In simple words, users can hook up mobile devices and stream classes directly using the Peloton digital app.

Can You Rent a Peloton Bike?

According to John Foley (CEO of Peloton), the company will have a rental system within the next few years in place.

How To Rent a Peloton Bike?

Can You Rent a Peloton Bike

As mentioned above, you cannot rent a peloton bike. But you can rent a regular studio spin bike and utilize your peloton app to stream the indoor cycling classes. Here is you can rent a regular studio spin bike.

  • Find a nearby exercise bike rental store and check their payment options for the time duration you want to use the bike.
  • When the bike is delivered to you, get a tablet or phone holder to place your desired device in front of a handlebar.
  • You can also use a chair, or coffee table or connect a tablet to the TV for your convenience.
  • Launch the peloton app and select your favorite ride.
  • You can also connect the cadence sensor to shoes or pedals. It helps to track the metrics from the peloton digital.

Remember, with peloton digital, you don’t have access to the leaderboard and other scenic rides. But still, this option is a decent option to stay consistent with your cardio workouts.

How To Rent An Exercise Bike Near Me?

You can easily rent an exercise bike from a local store. There are companies that offer 12 to 24-week rental plans with a monthly fee of $40 to $80 (delivery and installation included). You can also rent a recumbent bike, treadmill, or elliptical machine.

Renting a peloton or any other spin bike is an excellent idea to stay fit and save money. You can love a remote lifestyle and enjoy access to a workout bike just like your home.

2020 was one tough time for gym owners. However, every problem has its solution, and so did gym owners find a way to deal with the corona pandemic. They decided to rent their cardio workout equipment to private people. Interestingly, the trend is getting popular, especially among people who are renting a temporary home and traveling frequently.

How To Rent An Exercise Bike Online?

Here is a list of exercise bike rental companies.

Company Website Location New York City Florida San Diego Los Angeles

How To Use Peloton With Airbnb?

Another good option to rent a peloton bike on vacation is to use Airbnb services. Booking with Airbnb is extremely easy, and nowadays, most homeowners now include peloton bikes in their homes.

There is a peloton bike available in community gyms. With trending fame, hotel owners are now investing in peloton bikes for their gyms.

Will Peloton Rent Bikes?

Peloton has officially confirmed that in the near future, they are launching their own rental program. Peloton rental program will not only help to attract a large number of audience but also allow for remote workers to stay fit at home.

What Are The Peloton Payment Plans?

Renting a peloton bike will help you to get rid of the payment worries. The company is offering a no-interest monthly payment procedure that can be easily spread across three years.

There are three payment plans offered by the peloton.

  • $207.92 per month for 12 months
  • $103.96 per month for 24 months
  • $36.98 per month for 36 months

Final Words

The peloton bikes are not available for rent from the company. However, they are planning to introduce rental programs in the near future. We have mentioned some easy ways to rent a peloton bike and save money while keeping your fitness workouts at peak. One handy feature offered by peloton is to exchange your old peloton bike for the new peloton bike+.

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