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6 Best Weight Racks For Peloton Dumbbells – [Reviews 2022]

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Peloton weightlifting has replaced cardio training as number one in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Though often carried out with cardio, the technique is relatively intensive and can help you remain fit. However, the Peloton bikes possess limited weight carrying abilities because of their small built-in racks and users often have to integrate external racks to meet their growing requirements.

There are plenty of weight racks available in the market that are designed specifically for Peloton bikes. However, it often becomes difficult to choose from a huge variety of options available for you. Thus, to help you in the process, we have brought you the six best weight racks for Peloton along with various factors such as construction material, weight holding capacity, installation requirements, and durability to help you select the most appropriate option for yourself.

Comparing 6 Best Weight Racks For Peloton Dumbbells 2022

Product Rating Price
ATP Sports Secondary Weight Rack 5.0 Check Price
Grid Designs Double Weight Holder 4.8 Check Price
Aerow Extra Weight Holder 4.6 Check Price
Marcy Compact Dumbbell Rack 4.8 Check Price
Marcy 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack 4.4 Check Price
AKYEN Weight Rack for Dumbbells 4.4 Check Price

1. ATP Sports Secondary Weight Rack For Peloton Bike – Peloton Weight Rack


  • Metal parts
  • 30-days guarantee
  • Up to 5 pounds weight
  • 2-minutes installation

ATP Sports Secondary Weight Rack for Peloton Bike is an ideal example of a budget-friendly and durable weight rack available in the market these days for Peloton bike specifically. The durability of the product can be witnessed through its ability to handle up to 5 pounds of weight without any difficulty or performance inefficiency.

This enables you to carry additional weight on your bike while traveling long distances. Moreover, the weight rack is made up of metal which is not prone to damage and features remarkable strength. The strength of the metal prevents it from bending or breaking under excessive pressure and increases the average life of the rack to a great extent.

We also appreciate the thorough and sleek construction of the rack which compliments the bike design and seems aesthetically appealing. This immediately grabbed our attention in the first encounter and led us to try out this model and review its properties. After regular use, we have realized that the weight rack is relatively easier to install and the whole installation process can be completed within minutes.

This contributes to remarkable time efficiency in the long term and saves a lot of your time as opposed to the standard racks available around the market. Furthermore, the installation procedure does not require the use of complex tools and accessories and contributes to the reduction in capital and operational costs of the weight rack.

ATP Sports Secondary Weight Rack is considered as one of the best weight racks for Peloton and is characterized by a large weight holding capacity. This enables you to easily switch between various weights depending upon your strength and workout level and enjoy your riding experience to the fullest.


  • 30-day guarantee
  • Cost-efficient
  • Large weight holding capacity


  • Only fits the Peloton bike

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2. Grid Designs Double Weight Holder For Peloton Bike – Peloton Bike Weight Rack


  • Metal construction
  • 16 pounds of weight
  • 2-in-1 functionality
  • Black paint coating

Grid Designs Double Weight Holder for Peloton Bike is a perfect option for those that prefer large weight holding capacity without compromising the durability. Similar to the previously mentioned option, this weight rack is also made up of metal and features remarkable sturdiness which protects it against damage from a wide variety of factors.

This not only contributes to the long-lasting nature of the product but also enables you to use it in a wide variety of conditions without having any underlying concerns regarding the durability or strength of the weight racks. In addition to this, the black paint coating on top of the metal seems extremely stylish and matches well with the frame of the Peloton bike.

However, what surprised us the most is the ability of the rack to carry up to 16 pounds of weight without any difficulty. This enables you to add extra weight to your bike without worrying about the difficulty in carrying it. Similarly, the rack is 2-in-1 in nature and therefore, can also be used as a shoe holder.

So, you can hang your peloton shoes and other related stuff around the rack during your traveling adventures and carry it easily without you if you are short on space. Finally, the rack offers you an easily accessible and flexible workout space to remain fit and reduce your calories in a more efficient and precise way. Thus, we highly suggest trying this out if you are looking for the best weight racks for Peloton available in 2022.


  • Highly versatile
  • Multifunctional racks
  • Well-organized outlook


  • Not suitable for bike+

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3. Aerow Extra Weight Holder For Peloton Bike – Peloton Bike Weight Holder


  • Up to six pounds weight
  • Suitable for bike+
  • Plastic construction
  • Multifunctional

Aerow Extra Weight Holder for Peloton Bike is a lightweight option that is easier to carry around and features hassle-free portability. Unlike its previously mentioned counterparts, this version is more suited for beginners’ needs and can accommodate up to six pounds of weight. Hence, offering a suitable workout platform for those that have just started the workout.

Moreover, it is versatile in nature and can be used with both Peloton bike and bike+ with utmost accuracy and precision. This enables you to use it on regular basis and install it with either bike depending on the requirement. We also admire the effortless installation of the product which is time-efficient in nature and can be carried out by new users without any major setback.

We were able to install the whole thing into the Peloton bike within a few minutes without any external help. All you need to do is to connect the holder with the bike using the clips already built-in to the rack. You do not need any external tools or equipment for this purpose. We also found the rack to be extremely wide with a large storage capacity.

This enabled us to store up to six pounds of dumbbells in each holder without any bending or breakage. This remarkable durability of the rack is because of its plastic-based construction which imparts flexibility to its surface and prevents it from breaking or cracking under excessive pressure. Thus, making it our ultimate choice for daily workout sessions.

Want a lightweight yet budget-friendly weight rack, Aerow Extra Weight Holder for Peloton Bike is here to save the day. This specialized product is versatile in nature and can be used to hang other daily necessities apart from carrying weights. You can hang your shoestowelsheadphones, and other related materials on the rack and you are good to go.


  • Suitable for heavier weight
  • Budget-friendly
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Maintenance is required

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4. Marcy Compact Dumbbell Rack Free Weight Stand – Dumbbell Rack For Heavy Weights


  • 400 pounds of weight capacity
  • Scratch-resistant construction
  • Durable steel model
  • Multi-sectional design

If you prefer large weight holding capacity but do not want to go overboard in terms of budget, we suggest trying out the Marcy Compact Dumbbell Rack Free Weight Stand. This weight rack is specially manufactured for the Peloton dumbbells and is made up of steel. Steel is famous for its increased durability and remarkable strength which protects it from cracking or bending under intense pressure.

So, you can use the weight rack to store up to 400 pounds of weight without worrying about bending the holder or impacting its performance. In addition to this, the steel is not prone to corrosion or rusting and therefore, will not get brittle over time. You can use it for years without any major issue in terms of performance even after continuous pressure exertion.

We also observed that the steel is coated with a powder that prevents it from staining and losing its luster over time. Hence, enabling it to resist scratches and allowing you to clean it easily without exerting additional effort. In terms of design and construction, the weight rack is slim and does not occupy a lot of space. Thus, it can be easily stored inside a confined area.

This makes it an ideal choice for both personal and professional use and adds five stars to the overall abilities of the rack. Finally, there are multiple trays present inside the rack that can be used to separate various compartments and accommodate varying sizes of dumbbells depending on your needs and availability of space.

Marcy Compact Dumbbell Rack Free Weight Stand stands out among the best weight racks for Peloton included in the list and is highly popular among users because of its multi-functional nature and high durability. Its scratch-resistant construction enables you to clean it easily and saves a lot of your maintenance time in the long term.


  • Enhanced versatility
  • Large weight holding capacity
  • Unrivaled durability


  • Relatively high price

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5. Marcy 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack Multilevel Weight Storage – Peloton Bike Storage


  • Rubber feet
  • Multi-floor storage
  • Scratch-resistant construction
  • Shock absorption

Marcy 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack Multilevel Weight Storage is a relatively high price product but is our utmost recommendation if you prefer performance over the price. Featuring a similar construction to the previous model, this one is also made up of steel that is coated with powder to prevent it from scratching over time.

Moreover, steel also contributes to the unrivaled durability of the weight rack and protects it against damage from a variety of factors. Thus, making it one of the best weight racks for Peloton available in 2022. Another benefit offered by steel-based construction is the long average life of the product which relieves you from the concerns of maintenance costs and other related expenses.

Apart from this, we also admire the space-saving design of the product, which enabled us to store it in a confined space without any major issue. If you are a gym owner or simply like to work out at your home. We highly suggest investing in this option for long-term benefits. Furthermore, the multiple trays integrated into the system can be used to separate the rack into various compartments so that dumbbells of various sizes can be held inside it.

This enables you to access them easily without any hassle or inconvenience. Last but not least, The rubberized feet incorporated into the system offer additional protection against floor scratching and allow you to shift it from one place to another with utmost efficiency and precision.

Marcy 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack Multilevel Weight Storage is associated with the inclusion of rubber feet which are capable of absorbing shock during the re-stocking process and prevent the product from getting damaged. Furthermore, it also prevents the rack from sliding and improves its overall performance to a great extent.


  • Shock absorption abilities
  • Reduction in rack sliding
  • Increased durability


  • Expensive

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6. AKYEN Weight Rack for Dumbbells – Rack For Peloton Weights


  • Odor-free rubber pad
  • 3 tier storage
  • 1400 pounds weight capacity
  • 1-year warranty

AKYEN Weight Rack for Dumbbells is yet another high-priced product included in the list of the best weight racks for Peloton and is highly suggested for all those that are searching for a weight rack for professional use. Featuring a large weight holding capacity of 1100 pounds, the product enables you to store dumbbells of varying sizes and lift them whenever required.

The multiple compartments allow you to place the dumbbells in a well-organized manner and access them without any difficulty. Along with this, the rack is durable in terms of construction and is not prone to damage due to excessive pressure. This is because of its stainless steel-based construction which imparts durability to its surface and also contributes to its hassle-free maintenance.

The stainless coating protects the steel from getting stained due to a variety of factors and the powder coating protects it from scratching after regular use. Thus, enabling you to use it for years without any major performance issues. Similarly, the bottom of the dumbbell weight rack contains rubber pads that are odor-free in nature and reduce the chance of the rack slipping in the long term.

Lastly, this version is also characterized by a space-saving design that enables you to store it in a confined space especially if you are short on space and are using the product for personal use. This will help you free up some space for additional materials in your gym without creating a mess all over the place.

AKYEN Weight Rack for Dumbbells is available with a 1-year warranty and is highly popular among users because of its unrivaled attributes and three-tier storage space. Moreover, it is relatively easier to clean and does not require any external help in this regard.


  • Stainless steel screws
  • Large storage capacity
  • Multi-level storage


  • High price

 Check Price On Amazon

Factors To Consider While Purchasing The Best Weight Racks for Peloton Dumbbells

Material of Construction

As with any other substance, the material of construction is highly important while choosing a weight rack. At the end of the day, you are going to add extra weight to the rack which might lead to bending or cracking in case of poor or low-quality construction material. Instead of this, you should always search for high-quality construction materials for weight racks and read the specifications of various products to choose the most suitable option according to your needs.

In most cases, steel is mostly preferred because of its high durability and strength which enables it to hold heavy materials easily. However, be sure that the rack you purchased is made up of stainless steel and is coated with powder to prevent it from scratching and getting stained after continuous use.

Installation Requirements

Whether you admit it or not, but installation can be the most painful part of the whole process. Spending money on a rock that is difficult to install will not only exhaust you physically but will also take a toll on your mental health. Thus, you must be extremely careful in this regard and invest in options that do not require complex installation steps.

Neither do we recommend models that require a variety of accessories or tools to aid the installation procedure. Instead, you should always choose options that are time-efficient in nature and can be connected with the Peloton bike within minutes. Such racks usually contain built-in clips that can be used to join them with the bike and do not require any additional equipment for the installation purpose.

Weight Holding Capacity

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, you should also look into the weight carrying capacity of the product as it is the main reason for which you are investing in it. This highly depends on your level and requirements. Anyhow, reading about the weight holding capacity of the option you are interested in can help you a long way.

It will not only help you get familiar with the product but will also prevent you from inserting more weight than it can actually bear. Thereby contributing to the long-lasting nature of the weight rack in the long term. We recommend choosing models that can bear a large amount of weight as they can help you improve yourself and will also reduce the burden on you if you plan to update your weight lifting goals.

Balance And Stability

Finally, balance and stability go hand in hand and must never be neglected in any case. You should monitor properly and assess whether your rack is capable of maintaining its balance or not. In case of a poorly balanced rack, leave and search for another as it can lead to future issues. It also poses a threat of falling and might injure you or damage the flooring in severe consequences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Another Weight Rack On a Peloton Bike?

Yes, you can definitely use a different weight rack on a Peloton bike. However, you should first check its compatibility with the bike and then purchase it accordingly. It will help you carry additional weight on your bike and update your weight lifting plans. However, if you are not really fond of using external racks, you can always purchase the specialized racks designed for Peloton for best results.

Where Do You Put Peloton Weights?

If you possess a Peloton bike, you should check for a specialized rack located under the seat. The external rack can be connected with this rack with the help of clips to add extra weight to the bike. This will help you increase the weight holding capacity of the bike. Another benefit offered by the external rack is the ability to store other materials such as towels, shoes, headphones, etc.

Why Do You Need a Peloton Weight Rack?

Although Peloton bikes contain built-in racks for storing weights. However, they possess limited capacity which can not fulfill the needs of all users. Thus, an external rack can help store additional weight for those that are capable of lifting increased weight i.e, around 16 pounds without any difficulty. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, these external racks can also be used to store other materials such as shoes, headphones, etc.

Wrapping Up

Peloton weight lifting has gained wide popularity along with cardio training. Hence, more and more users have started weightlifting activities in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But, selecting a suitable weight rack for a Peloton bike has always been an issue among the masses. Due to scammers all around, users often end up purchasing the wrong model. Thus, we offered a detailed analysis of the six best weight racks for Peloton in this article. Among the options included above, here are some of our favorites.

  • ATP Sports Secondary Weight Rack for Peloton Bike for its high durability, versatile nature, effortless installation, sot-efficiency, and lightweight.
  • Grid Designs Double Weight Holder for Peloton Bike due to its durable metal-based construction, large weight holding capacity, multifunctionality and scratch-resistant coating,
  • Marcy Compact Dumbbell Rack Free Weight Stand because of its high versatility, large weight carrying ability, unmatched durability, scratch-resistance, and hassle-free maintenance.

Thus, they are ideal for those searching for the best weight racks for Peloton available in 2022.

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